Murray Steinberg's testimony yesterday. Subject: Testimony/ U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
From: Murray L Steinberg
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997 22:47:26 EST

Murray was on a five person panel (by invitation only) to discuss the abuses in our legal system. This is the heart of the testimony he gave:


United States Commission on Civil Rights Testimony of:

    Murray L. Steinberg
    Hampton, Virginia
    February 6, 1997

Family Resolution Council, President
Legal analyst/ consultant/ mediator


* "Due process" has been replaced by "do as I say" and "do you have money."

* "Freedoms and liberties" have been replaced with "injunctions, sanctions, and incarceration."

* Courts used to interpret law, now they make law.

* Now we don't go to court to get our rights we go to court to lose them.

* Now another color associated with "civil rights violations" is green.

* We have the best system of justice money will buy; with liberty and justice for all -- who can afford it.

* There are four P's in domestic law: politics, personalities, perjury and profit.


As a kid growing up in a small town in Alabama I use to get chill bumps when we would all say the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

My parents immigrated from Russia, so I was especially proud to be an American; to have freedoms they did not have.

We were taught in civics class how the U.S. has the greatest system of government in the world, with "liberty and justice for all."

It was not until 1990 that I my bubble was burst; I learned first hand that we no longer have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people"; where people are now guilty until proven innocent; and that the Constitution I defended as a member of the Armed Forces doesn't exist.

I LEARNED THAT IF YOU WALK INTO ANY COURTHOUSE IN THIS STATE , YOU STEP OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES. My recorder and flip chart have been confiscated at the door and I have been made to strip my pockets of everything including dirty tissues. When asked by what authority of law the sheriff's deputy can do this, I was told the chief judge makes law here. When I said, but you don't work for the chief judge you work for we the people who elected the Sheriff, I was told if you don't do as I say you will go to jail.

Circuit court judge L.A. Harris Jr. took all my parental rights away from me "ex parte" in 1990. Neither I or my attorney was told of the hearing. I had no due process or equal protection of law. Almost 400 fathers each day in Virginia have their parental rights terminated or restricted by a judge without due process or equal protection of laws. We have no first Amendment rights to raise our children free of interference of the state; no due process to a fair hearing to be proven unfit; no right to a trial by jury; no equal protection of law (unless the mother consents, the father will not get sole custody or joint custody); we are made indentured servants to the mother of our children and if we fail to pay this extortion money, we go to debtors prison, without a trial by jury!


Show Cause Orders are routinely issued against fathers whereby we must prove our innocence -- otherwise be fined, imprisoned or both. Child Protective Services has become a weapon used against fathers and in the same manner, you are guilty until proven innocent. 80% of all allegations are unfounded; 92% are made anonymously; 90% are associated with divorce or custody cases; and of founded cases 40% are perpetrated by mothers and only 19% by fathers.


    1) Once for being 15 minutes late returning my daughter from court allowed visitation; (10 days in jail, suspended)

    2) Once for allegedly talking too loudly to my former wife; (10 days in jail, 8 days suspended); and

    3) The last time I was accused of letting my daughter sleep one hour late and received 60 days in jail, none suspended. Judge Harris was, at the time, a defendant in my first Federal Complaint and refused to recuse himself. He said "I'll let you know when I'm biased."


My request for a trial by jury was denied. Judge Harris ruled before the trial even started, that he would not put me in jail for more than six months and somehow, case law now overrides the Constitution and Virginia statute.

I was denied an arraignment or indictment and Judge Harris deemed that I waived my right to an attorney, then made the hearing a quasi-criminal matter and thus was able to put me in jail. He keep me there for four days before he allowed me to post a $3,500 bond and appeal to the Court of Appeals.


Each time I tried to use the legal system the door slammed in my face: Three of my show cause motions against my former wife, for violations of court orders, have been denied and dismissed without explanation. Similarly, four motions for show cause against lawyer Murray Janus in Circuit Court and the Court of Appeals of Virginia, have been denied and dismissed without explanation.

Four complaints to the Virginia State Bar against Murray Janus and one of his associates have been denied and dismissed without explanation and no appellate process.

Two reports of violations of the Canons of Judicial Conduct by Judge Harris, reported to the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission, have been denied and dismissed without explanation and no right to appeal.


Two Federal Complaints I have filed have been denied and dismissed without explanation. In the first case (1993), sixty-seven people attempted to join as Plaintiffs (intervene) and were denied by Judge Spencer. He first denied their motion for "permissive intervention" and later denied their motion for "intervention of right." No response came even after I filed a "motion to clarify."

Judge Spencer has denied my motion for a Writ Habeas Corpus and two other civil rights complaints summarily, without an evidentiary hearing, without a preliminary hearing and has refused to clarify his decisions. On February 3, 1995 Judge Spencer dismissed my complaint without even docketing it. No number was ever assigned by the clerk of court.

On March 27, 1995 Judge Spencer denied and dismissed my request for a Federal Removal and stated in the Order that he "is giving serious consideration to an injunction barring him (me) from filing any more matters in that court without securing the advance permission of this Court." This motion too was never docketed or assigned a case number by the clerk.

More recently, in September, I was found guilty of unauthorized practice of law for including my daughter as Co-Petitioner which I filed as "next friend and natural father." My former wife's attorney turned me in to the Virginia State Bar. The VSB, the Attorney General, and the circuit court judge all found me guilty without an evidentiary hearing, no testimony, no witnesses, and when I said I have not violated any law, the Assistant Attorney General said "Claims for civil relief need not be supported by specific statutory provisions setting forth detailed descriptions of all forms of actionable activity." When I raised constitutional issues, the Assistant Attorney General said I had no constitutional rights after twenty one days from her filing her petition requesting the Writ of Quo Warranto and the judge overruled my objections.

I have appealed this decision to the Supreme Court of Virginia, but have been informed that last year there were 3,300 petitions and 11 were heard by that court. Just for the heck of it I appealed once to the U.S. Supreme Court. The odds of being heard are not much better. My Writ of Certiorari was turned down.


Last Spring my former wife's attorney, Murray J. Janus, was on trial after being indicted by a Grand Jury for bribery in a case of alleged sodomy. As I sat in the courtroom I heard Mr. Janus contradict his own testimony, which should have been deemed perjury. The biggest surprise I got during the ten hour hearing was the appearance of none other than Chief Federal District Court Judge Robert R. Merhige Jr., who is the Chief judge of the federal district court where venue requires that I file (and lose, prior to to any evidentiary hearings) my federal actions. [Murray Janus was also a defendant in my federal suit against the court and was allowed by judge Harris to prosecute me, even though he is not a prosecutor] .

Judge Merhige testified as a character witness saying that he had know Mr. Janus personally for over twenty years and had once been a partner in his law firm. At the end of the hearing Mr. Janus was not acquitted, but rather the judge granted Janus his "motion to strike" without explanation. Once again it was a clearly a matter of who you know and another blow to our justice system. Mr. Janus' law partner pleaded guilty to sodomy, lost his license for one year and is now back practicing law. Most of Mr. Janus' law partners have left him. Now the firm of Bremner, Baber and Janus with twenty or so partners has shrunk to Bremner and Janus with only Mr. Janus, his Daughter, and Deanna D. Cook.


It is clear to me that we now have a system of "liberty and justice for all" -- those who can afford it! We do have the greatest legal system in the world -- the greatest money can buy! And we have a government of the lawyers, by the lawyers, for the lawyers, for profit! It has been suggested that the Bar is our fourth branch of government. And it rules the other three.

Presently the public is helpless; judges are selected by an elite group of Democrats, behind closed doors. The Judicial Inquiry and Review under the helm of Reno Harp for the past twenty-six years has recommended a judge be removed only three times. Only five times has the JI&RC recommended a judges be censured. Either we have had the best judges in the country or the worst system of check and balances. It is clear that judges in this state can do what ever they want.



Judges are protecting other judges and lawyers protecting other lawyers; in the meanwhile, no one is protecting we the people. If an ethical honest attorney does have the guts to stand up and report misconduct, that person is censured or loses his or her license to practice. They control their own!

Please help restore our Constitutional rights, our liberties, our families, our country, before it is too late.