By Ted Greenfield

We pray for all children, their grandparents and grandchildren, their parents and their extended families, especially those whom, because of misunderstandings or other difficulties, have had their relationships severed. Let us ask for healing of all conflicts, old ones and ones occurring now, so that courageous conversations and loving forgiveness become very real parts of family life.

Give us the courage and the strength to contribute to the formation and upholding of strong family ties to make for a world of peace, love, and understanding.

Give our politicians the insight and clarity of vision to recognize that money "wasted" in the Family Law courtrooms cannot feed our children. Help our children break free from the pain of hunger and anguish of poverty. Enshrine "equality by both parents" for the emotional, financial and physical support of our children.

Ted Greenfield
16 Nearctic Court
Whitby, Ontario L1N 6P7