The Fatherhelp Directory was conceived by Jay H. Todd


The Worldwide Fatherhelp Directory was established to provide emergency point-to-point connections for fathers needing help in unfamiliar localities.

Many fathers groups are territorial in nature, or may not know anyone who "knows the turf" in the locality you need help.

Our mutual support network can help in things such as securing school records, locating an attorney, dealing with parental kidnappings, dealing with local politics, and other intrastate and interstate problems.

This directory is NOT an formal attorney referral service and is not affiliated with any organization. It is for use by 'nonprofessional' individuals who are willing to play a part in establishing an international network of individuals knowledgeable in their localities, and who wish to help others. Individuals who register are expected to help or refer others at no charge. Any individual in the registry who is found to be charging for services or accepting kickbacks from professionals will be permanently barred.

We request that you register only if you are experienced enough to feel comfortable helping others in dealing with the system, or if you can refer victims of the system to those who can help them.


By registering below, I indicate my willingness to help fathers get help in my local community

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