ABC Parenting Parenting Resource
Abuse Excuse [Dean Tong] False Abuse Allegations
Accused False Abuse Allegations
Advice For Men in Violent Relationships (AMEN) Ireland
American Fathers Coalition National (lobbyist)
ANUPA Argentina
ACFC Missouri Coalition Missouri, St. Louis
A.N.C.P.R. California, Santa Monica
A Team False Abuse Allegations
Bioenergetics Press Books on Men's Issues
BPD Central (Borderline Personality Disorder) Mental Health
Castle Books Books on Men's Issues
Center on Fathering Colorado, Colorado Springs
Centro Studi Separazioni e Affido Minori Rome, Italy
Children and Fathers Together Plymouth, Massachussetts
Child Support Reform Network California, Alameda
Children's Rights Council of Eastern Missouri California, Alameda
Children's Justice Chat/Petition
Children's Rights Council National
Children's Rights Council Maryland
Children's Rights Council Custody Research
The Children's Voice Ontario, Canada
Christian Fatherhood Parenting Resource
Coalition for the Preservation of Fatherhood (CPF) Massachussetts, Boston
Coalition of Parent Support (COPS) California
Coastal Maine Dads Maine, Brooks
Creative Therapeutics (Dr. Richard Gardner) Professional - Parental Alienation
CRC - Shared Parenting Page National
Custody 911 Research/Info
Dade Justice Florida, Miami
Dads Against Discrimination National
Dads Against Discrimination Michigan
Dads Against Discrimination New Mexico
Dads Against Discrimination Nevada
Dads Against Discrimination Oregon
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Dads Against Discrimination West Virginia
Dads Against The Divorce Industry (DADI)
Dads Assisting Dads Florida, Lakeland
Dads Divorce State/Local Info, Chat with an Attorney (free)
Dads Matter Missouri, Kirkwood
Dads of Alaska Alaska
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Dads Rights (Dads Attorneys) Illinois, Chicago
Deadbeat Stepmom's Homepage
Divorce Reform Arlington, VA
Divorce Link Midwest area
Divorcio Net Puerto Rico
Divorce Room
Divorce Reform Page Virginia, Arlington
Divorced Fathers Network Scotts Valley, CA
Domestic Rights Coalition Minnessota, St. Paul
Down to Earth Dad Parenting Resource
Ex-Fathers Canada, Ontario
Electronic Visitation Association International
Family And Chilren Together Michigan, Southwest
Families Addressing Custody Trends Oklahoma, Tulsa
Families Need Fathers England, London
Family Forever Public Policy Research
Family Law Reform Public Policy Improvement
Family Planet
Family Research Council Public Policy
Family Rights Organization's National Task Force
[Help for false abuse allegations]
Fathers And Families Massachussetts
Fathers Are Capable Too Canada
Fathers Are Parents Too (FAPT) Georgia
Fathers Battling Injustice Canada
Fathers Count in Beaver County) Pennsylvania
The Fathers Group Massachussetts
Fatherhood Coalition Santa Barbara, CA
Fathers for Equal Rights Dallas, TX
Fathers for Life Canada, Alberta
Fathers Matter Web Board Chat Room
Fathers Need Families U.K. - Many U.K. links
Fathers Rights Association of New York New York State
Fathers Rights Association of New York (FRANYS) New York
Fathers Rights Association of New York,General Counsel New York
Father's Rights Foundation Home Page (Ron Isaacs) Illinois, Carbondale
Father's Rights To Custody [FRTC] Seattle, WA area
Father's Raising Children Pennsylvania
Father's Resource Center Bermuda
Fathers Rights Network Links, Info
Father To Father Organizational
Fathers United Organizational
Florida Commission on Responsible Fatherhood Florida
Florida Fathers United Florida
F.O.R.C.E. Kentucky
Four-Fold Fathering
F.R.E.E. California, Santa Clara
Full Time Dads Magazine Maine
Gender Studies Page [anti-father]
Ilink Internationali (PAS, International links) Italy
Info On Divorce Network Toronto, Canada
I.P.T. (Ralph Underwager / Hollida Wakefield) Abuse Evaluations / Public Policy
La Sindromi Di Alinazione Genitoriale (PAS Information) Italy
Legitimate Family Missouri, Joplin
M.E.N. Magazine Washington, Seattle
Men's Defense Association (The Liberator Magazine) Minnesota, Lake Forest
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Men's HOTLINE Texas, Austin
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The Men's Tribune
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National Association for Men Raising Children New Jersey
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National Coalition for the Homeless National
National Congress for Fathers and Children National
National Fathers Resource Center (NFRC)
National Fatherhood Initiative National
National Organization for Men New York
New Jersey Council for Children's Rights (NCCJR) New Jersey
New Zealand Men's Rights Association New Zealand
Non-Custodial Parents and Grandparent Organization Michigan, Grand Rapids
Non-custodial Parents Resource Center Louisiana, Farmersville
NOPE Ohio, Northern
Papa's Por Siempre (Fathers Forever) Chile
Pennsylvania Parenting Initiative [PAPI] Pennsylvania
Parents and Children for Justice in the Vermont Courts Vermont
Project for the Improvement of Child Support Litigation Technology Information
Promoting Responsible Fatherhood
(Parental Alienation Syndrome)
Wisconsin, Wauwatosa
The Profamily Forum [for scientific professionals]
Protest.Net publicize your protest here
The Psycare Foundation (Parental Alienation Syndrome) Ohio [Professional]
Separated Parents and Children Everywhere [SPACE]
Single and Custodial Fathers Network (Parenting Resource) Vermont
TABS Wachington, King County
Society for the Preservation of Family Relationships Tennessee
Texas Fathers for Equal Rights [TEFER] Texas
UFR Sweden
United Fathers of the Southern Tier New York
United Fathers Of America Washington, Seattle
Unofficial Promise Keepers Home Page National
Utopia Foundation
Victims Of Child Abuse Laws (Sacramento) National
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Victims Of Child Abuse Laws (NY - links) National
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Women For Fatherhood New York, Bayside
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