Phil Hartman 911 Call Transcript

Note the immediate bias of the emergency dispatcher, who first assumes that the shooter was a man. Upon finding out that the shooter was the "wife", the dispatcher makes an "unintelligible" statement. The dispatcher apparently could not believe that the wife was still there.

Despite the fact that the dispatcher has no idea of the condition of the wounded husband, the dispatcher's first question is to ask how the woman is! The dispatcher has no care or interest in the condition of the wounded husband, and is only interested in the condition of the wife.

Police dispatcher: ``Emergency operator 614.''

Ron Douglas: ``Yeah, hi, this is 5065 Encino Blvd. And, um, I was called over to the residence. I think there's been a shooting here.''

Dispatcher: ``OK, do you see a victim?''

Douglas: ``Yes.''

Dispatcher: ``OK, hold on for the paramedics, OK? One moment.''

Douglas: ``OK.''

Dispatcher: ``I want you to stay on the line.''

Douglas: ``OK.''

Fire dispatcher: ``Fire Department emergency operator, how may I help you?''

Douglas: ``Yeah, hi, there's been a shooting at 5065 Encino Blvd.''

Fire dispatcher: ``How many people are shot?''

Douglas: ``Just one, and um ...''

Fire dispatcher: ``Do you know what part of the body?''

Douglas: ``I think around the head and the neck. I just got here.''

Fire dispatcher: ``The person who shot him, is he still around?''

Douglas: ``Yeah, she's his wife.''

Fire dispatcher: ``(unintelligible) the wife shot him and they're both there?''

Douglas: ``Yeah.''

Fire dispatcher: ``Is she hurt at all?''

Douglas: ``I'm not sure. I'm trying to calm her down. OK?''

Police dispatcher: ``Hello, sir?''

Douglas: ``Yeah.''

Dispatcher: ``Did, uh, was this on purpose or was this an accident or what sir? Do you know what happened?''

Douglas: ``I have no idea. ... She was drunk. She said she killed her husband and I didn't believe her.''

Dispatcher: ``OK, are they both there right now?''

Douglas: ``You're right. Now, can you trace this address because I'm not sure?''

Dispatcher: ``All right, where's the weapon now?''

Douglas: ``It's in my hand because, um, she brought it to my house.''

Dispatcher: ``What's your name sir?''

Douglas: ``My name's Ron, Ron Douglas.''

Dispatcher: ``All right sir, we're going to get the officers on the way.''

Douglas: ``OK.''