Call to an Arlington, TX
Women's Shelter
March 22, 1998

A Call to Arlington, TX Women's Shelter March 22, 1998 5:05 PM

Phone answered by volunteer

Man: Uh-um. My wife and I just had an argument. She came at me with a frying pan. Is the Women's Shelter also available to men? Volunteer: We wouldn't house you at the shelter itself sir. We might be able to house you somewhere else.

Man: OK. Here in Arlington?

Volunteer: Uh, yes sir.

Man: OK. Um How about my daughter?

Volunteer: Could you give me a little more information about what's going on?

Man: Well, I have a 17-year-old daughter. Would she be able to come down there? Pardon.

Volunteer: I'm having to think.

Man: Oh.

Volunteer: I'm not sure I've heard this one yet. (Pause) Are you working right now?

Man: Yes.

Volunteer: Ok. I'm Susan.

Man: Susan, I'm Roy.

Susan: Hi Roy.

Roy: But you don't have capabilities to help men?

Susan: Not here at the shelter. Now sometimes we help men as far as helping getting them into a motel room or something.

Roy: Do you have a counselor available for me?

Susan: We'd have a counselor available at our administrative office. Are you here in Arlington?

Roy: Yes. Umm. Would you have help for me for the court?

Susan: Have you called the police?

Roy: No.

Susan: OK. Are you going to press charges?

Roy: I haven't decided. I don't know if this is a one-time argument that got out of hand or….

Susan: How long have you been together?

Roy: 20 years.

Susan: Oh my goodness! Anything like this ever happen before?

Roy: No. I just…. fear now just set in. Um All you can do is provide me a place to go is all. You don't have counseling available.

Susan: I'd have to check with our administrative offices as far as counseling men. I know Fort Worth has male counselors.

Roy: Aren't we the victims no matter what? I don't see what the difference is.

Susan: No sir a man that hits the woman…

Roy: No, no. I mean as far as a man being hit by his wife.

Susan: Oh exactly you are both victims. But a lot depends on how, you know, your funding is written. Um

Roy: Ok. You're only set up to handle women.

Susan: As far as shelter is concerned, yes sir. Like I said we could help you get set up in a motel room…. (Pause) [Tape stopped running} I checked with the other lady here…

[Tape malfunctioned…referred to Fort Worth Women's Haven that opens at 9:00 am tomorrow.]

Roy: Ok thank you very much.